About Jodi



Jodi began her career over 26 years ago as a cognitive therapist in the field of brain injury rehabilitation. After extensive experience &  learning in how the brain works, coupled with helping people put their lives back together both cognitively & emotionally after a tragic injury to the brain,  Jodi expanded her practice to Coaching. Her work with individuals, executives, groups and teams, has transformed many situations and lives. Helping others and igniting change truly is what Jodi was put on the planet to do!  Jodi is the single mom of two awesome humans. 


The Approach

Jodi's light-hearted, direct & dynamic approach, with some loving ass-kicking,  will help you create real change and real results! You will learn how to do what you say you are going to do! Each session includes creating a plan of what to follow through on next, time-mapping to make sure it becomes part of your schedule, and a provability system to make sure you do it! Check-ins in between sessions keep the momentum going and are included in your coaching program.